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NHR Sound Guard Economy Sheet 500mm x 800mm x 1.5mm

Gets rid of annoying road, engine and gearbox noise in vehicles, improves a speaker’s sound quality stops rattles and buzzes. With high adhesion back side, it conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and other hard substrates.
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BOX CONTENTS AND SIZES<?xml:namespace prefix="o" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"?></o:p>

1x Sheet 500mm x 800mm x 1.5mm

1 Sheet coverage 0.37sqm

All prices are inclusive of vat



Gets rid of annoying road, engine and gearbox noise in vehicles, improves a speaker’s sound quality stops rattles and buzzes.

With high adhesion back side, it conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and other hard substrates.

Most effective temperature ranges between – 20°C to +60°C. Material can withstand temperature extremes between -40°C to +150°C.

High vehicle noise levels cause driver fatigue and irritation and will affect the way music sounds out of speakers.



Waterproof, heavy duty, clean, light, flexible, non-absorbent surface

Fire resistant

Effective in extreme temperatures

Easy to install

No special glues or heat guns required

Self-adhesive, peel and stick.

Safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing Equipment



Material can be die cut to shape and placed onto the body surface directly on painted panels or after the sheet metal is cleaned before painting.

It is used to treat metal panels, partitions, ducts, doors, bins, panels, and so forth in the automotive, industrial, marine and agricultural sectors.

It can also be used for ventilation ducts, relay cabinets, steel furniture and home appliances such as sink units, computer equipment, machine tools and many other objects that suffer from vibration-produced noise.




Black E-TAC butyl Rubber based core with Black or Silver aluminium constraining layer, white paper release liner



Temperature Range (Resistance):</o:p>

-54°C to +149°C

Adhesive Peel Strength:</o:p>

74.8 N/cm on cold steel

Chemical Resistance:</o:p>

Resistant to water and mineral oils

Handling & Application:</o:p>

Material must be stored at room temperature for best application


STEPS: </o:p>

·         Remove dust, grease, and moisture from the surface.

·         Peel off the backing.

·         Press the sheet firmly into place.

·         Heating the material is NOT necessary.



·         Do not ingest butyl or aluminium.

·         Safety precautions to be taken if using sharp objects to cut sheet to desired size.

·         Peel backing sheet carefully to avoid cuts.

·         Do not ingest self-adhesive glue on the back of the sheet.

·         If ingested, please consult a medical professional.

·         Appropriate PPE required for installation, i.e.: gloves.

·         Do not use on live electrical equipment.

·         Safe for use on wood, metal, plastic.


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