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Universal Radiator Overflow / Expansion tank - 800ml

Universal Radiator Coolant Overflow / Expansion Tank
Aluminum - 800ml
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We use this on all the older vehicles which did not come with an expansion tank.

On an older vehicle the water pushed out of the radiator when hot will be lost and you have to fill the radiator frequently, like in the olden days.

When you fit an expansion tank the water pushed out when hot will be drawn back into the radiator when the radiator cooled down. Thus
you re-use the same water all the time.

It also help that there is not forever a water drop under the car after you drove a long distance.
Capacity: 800ml.

NOTE: Make sure there is a 1.5mm vent hole in the cap, if not just drill a 1.5mm vent hole in the cap, otherwise it will not work.


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